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is if tamerlan tsarnaev and this man, now deceased, effort met, but mr. tsarnaev's parents, his father, live there, and he was himself here only last year for at least a month according to witnesses there. there is apparently now the first connection, it seems, between the alleged boston bomber suspect and extremist groups here. for some reason, mr. tsarnaev posted a link to a video of this man on his youtube account. wolf. >> because you know, nick, there is deep concern among federal and state, local law enforcement that when this older brother who is now dead, when he spent more than six months in dagestan where you are right now, he was potentially, this is the theory they're working on, he was trained on how to build a bomb, how to deal with these kinds of explosive devices. and he was indoctrinated, if you will, to become an extremist. that's the concern that they're investigating. what are you hearing on the scene for us about what do we know, specifically, about what he did when he was in dagestan last year? >> reporter: very unclear. we know he came to russia in january of last year
role in the bombings, mrs. tsarnaev's answer was clear. >> no, i don't. and i won't. never. >> our thanks 6. next, through chaos and back. a boston bombing amputee is reunited with the hero who rescued her. [ sally ] my antidepressant worked hard to help with my depression. but sometimes, i still struggled to get going, even get through the day. so i was honest with my doctor. i told her i'd been feeling stuck for a long time. she said that for some people, an antidepressant alone only helps so much and suggested we add abilify (aripiprazole). she said that by taking both, some people had symptom improvement as early as 1 to 2 weeks. i wish i'd talked to my doctor sooner. [ female announcer ] abilify is not for everyone. call your doctor if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens and young adults. elderly dementia patients taking abilify have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor if you have high fever, stiff muscles and confusion to address a possible life-threat
. then it's the judge. mr. tsarnaev, i am magistrate judge bowler. this hearing is your initial appearance before the court. we're here because you have been charged in a federal complaint. at this hearing i will advise you of your constitutional and legal rights. i will tell you about the charges against you and the penalties that the court could impose if you are found guilty. you have been charged with one use of a weapon of mass destruction and malicious destruction of property resulting in death. the judge asks the prosecuting attorney what are the maximum penalties. the prosecutor tells her death or imprisonment for life or imprisonment for any term of years. and it's the judge again, speaking to the defendant. this is not a trial, and you will not be called upon to answer the charges at this time. if at any time i say something you do not understand, interrupt me and say so. is that clear? the defendant nods affirmatively. the judge, all right. i note that the defendant has nodded affirmatively. as a first step in this hearing, i'm going to tell you about your constitutional rights.
asking what was the motivation behind the boston bombing? mr. tsarnaev was one of them. >> lots of unanswered questions with the older brother did in those six months he spent in dagestan, and maybe in chechnya last year. stand by, nick. we'll be coming back to you. dzhokhar tsarnaev is now hospitalized in serious but stable condition. doctors say he's lucky to be alive after that dramatic shootout with police officers that wound up killing his older brother. elizabeth cohen standing outside the beth israel deaconess medical center where he's being treated. what do we know about his condition specifically, elizabeth? >> wolf, according to our affiliate, whgh, tsarnaev is in the intensive care unit, and cnn sources tell us -- sources tell cnn he has wounds to the throughothroat and he is sedated and intubated. intubation means a tube is placed usually down the throat into the windpipe and is attached to the ventilator and that ventilator breets for him. it doesn't mean he can't breathe. very often when patients have a large loss of blood, doctors prefer the machine breathe rather
of the same kind of fireworks for free. this is the kit that mr. tsarnaev got. he got two of them. do we have that? it's a kit that costs $199. it's a box that contains 24 black powder packed shells. you extract the black powder from those 24 shells and two boxes, 48 shells altogether and you ultimately get about three pounds of explosive black powder. experts say that was just enough explosive to detonate one of the two pressure cooker bombs that went off at the finish line of last week's boston marathon. we do not know if that fireworks purchase was the source of the black powder used in the bombs. we don't even know for sure it was black powder. it seemed like a black powder-like substance. but we do have that record of that specific purchase in new hampshire, because the fireworks store owner was kind enough to proactively go through his sales records after the boston bombing. ends up being serendipitous for investigators who are trying to build a time line of the bombers, the bombing plot, and the bombs themselves. legally, though, the bombing suspect could have gone to a gun shop and bo
, john. and it is expected that mr. tsarnaev may soon be moved to either another medical facility, a civilian facility or a state-run facility that would be a part of a prison system. when that happens, we want to be here for it. all of that as we are learning much more about this investigation. in a shocking revelation, sources now say dzhokhar tsarnaev had no weapon when he was hiding in a boat, and a police officer injured during the operation appears an accidental victim of friendly fire. this as it's revealed new york city may have been a target as the tsarnaev brothers sought to flee boston. >> the surviving attacker revealed that new york city was next on their list of targets. he told the fbi, apparently, that he and his brother had intended to drive to new york and designate additional explosives in times square. >> reporter: the brothers had six more explosives, another pressure cooker and five pipe bombs. 11-year-old aaron hern, injured in the attack, still wheelchair-bound, visited the memorial. if it was comfort he sought, he got it. >> where do you come from? >> cali
you on at the hospital. mr. tsarnaev is being held at the moment at beth israel. it is possible he will be moved from the hospital because family, friends of the victims who are also being cared for at that hospital, are expressing concern they're in the same place. officials say, as soon as he is better, they will likely move him to another facility. john? >> thanks so much, miguel. just like miguel, i walked by the site of the first bomb blast, where they're filling in the sidewalks. in addition to workers resurfacing the roadway, there are a collection of flowers there now. >>> officials in moscow now headed into dagestan arriving there to interview the parents of tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> reporter: the embassy from moscow has confirmed they sent a team there late yesterday. we understand from our team in dagestan they could right now be interviewing the parents of the two bombing suspects in a building belonging to the fsd, the russian internal security service. the fsb say they're doing this with the cooperation of authorities, or helping them with their investigation
. because even if they capture mr. tsarnaev, and and the manhunt ends with a capture of him, there's still the question, did he booby trap this city. are there other ieds out there? that will make it very difficult for authorities to reach the point where they can say, it's safe to go back out on the streets. >> michael isikoff. thank you very much. authorities have said they've told the community that this afternoon, early this afternoon, there will be a controlled explosion of an ied at the norfolk street address in cambridge, massachusetts. joining me here at the table in the studio is david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." tom ridge, the former homeland security secretary, the first homeland security secretary. and former counterterrorism chief at the nfc, roger cressey. also on the phone or in new york, let me bring in now jonathan dienst, from wnbc. jonathan, you have some information on travel by tamerlan tsarnaev in and out of the country. which could be a significant lead. >> it is a lead that has concerned authorities and they're taking a hard look at it he's the one with
mr. tsarnaev is said to have traveled. you just completed interviews with the parents of these brothers, i believe. it was previously reported that they believe their sons were completely innocent. is that still their view? >> reporter: yes, martin. that is absolutely their view. and i think you actually hit exactly the right question when you said investigators are trying to paint a cohesive, coherent picture. the parents would not talk about many things that they've already mentioned in earlier reports. but one thing that they have been consistent so far is that they believe absolutely that their sons are innocent. they took a lot of time to describe what kind of men they believe their sons to be. they said that they were gentle, almost like women, and that they were always in touch with the parents and that this is not the picture, the picture that we're seeing on television and in newspapers, the parents say, is not what they know of their sons. >> so they're saying they were like women? so, therefore, not radicalized? not in any way minded or, i guess, disposed to
can read along in terms of what happened. i will read to you, the court, mr. tsarnaev, i am magistrate judge bowler. this hearing is your initial appearance before the court. we are here because you have been charged in a federal complaint. at this hearing i will advise you of your constitutional and legal rights. i will tell you about the charges against you and the penalties that the court could impose if you are found guilty. you have been charged with use of a weapon of mass destruction in violation of 18 united states code section 2322a and malicious destruction of property resulting in death in violation of 18 united states code section 844. then the judge goes on to say if at any time i say something that you do not understand, interrupt me and say so. is that clear. at that point, the defendant nods affirmatively. the court then goes on to say all right. i note that the defendant has nodded affirmatively. as the first step in this hearing, i'm going to tell you about your constitutional rights. you have the right under the constitution of the united states to remain silent. any
winerab for the united states. mr. thick, who's the attorney that represents tsarnaev. good morning, your honor, william thicke for mr. tsarnaev. the court, that's the judge magistrate, and you have had an opportunity to speak with him. mr. thicke says very briefly, your honor. the judge, so you have your lawyers here? and then the defendant nods affirmatively, according to this transcript. then the judge says, "mr. tsarnaev, i am the magistrate. this hearing is your initial appearance before the court. we are here because you have been charged in a federal complaint. at this hearing, i will advise you of your constitutional and legal rights. i will tell you about the charges against you and the penalties that the court could impose if you are found guilty. you have been charged with, one, use of a weapon of mass destruction in violation of 18 united states code section 2332-a and malicious destruction of property resulting in death in violation of 18 united states code section 844-i. mr. winerab, what are the maximum penalties?" mr. winerab says, "your honor, the maximum penalty on each
of your sons now dead. the other on the loose. give us your reaction mr. tsarnaev to what's going on. mr. tsarnaev, this is wolf blitzer in boston. can you hear me? i think he's having trouble obviously hearing me. we'll try to redial, reconnect. we will reconnect with the father of these two suspects, one of whom is now dead, the other on the loose. he is in dagestan in russia. we'll get his perspective on what's going on. that's coming up in the meantime mike sullivan is here, former acting director of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, former u.s. attorney here in massachusetts as well. as we await this interview with the father of these two suspects, a lot of people are asking me, what's taking so long. how can a 19-year-old be on the loose in this area right now when you have this massive manhunt, probably thousands of law enforcement military personnel searching for this 19-year-old? >> well, they're working very hard obviously to find him. the question is whether or not he is still in the area. you have to do two three things. follow up on any leads they get based on ti
and he has lawyer saying, i'm telling you, mr. tsarnaev is not answering questions? >> there are other investigative methods. they have all sorts of electronic footprints. >> megyn: but why limit ourselves? i'm just giving you the argument. they say, why limit ourselves when you are talking about something we may believe may be a terrorist? >> because we also have to protect american values and our constitution. that is america's strength. when we do things fairly and appropriately under the law it works better overall not just in the immediate case but long term. one of the things we want to do is convince the world, no, we are strong enough to stick to our values, to follow the law and still obtain justice in the end. >> megyn: mike, thanks so much for your insights. >>> president warns against rush to judgment we're hearing reports that the administration is suggesting that no outside groups had any influence on these two. we'll look at the evidence on that. really, is it too soon to be saying this? [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice fo
from the parents? >> reporter: mrs. tsarnaev did most of the talking and she was denying so many points we already heard to be true in this case. she said the junger son dzhokhar's backpack, thee she is seeing this on the internet. the backpack he actually had does not match the one that the bomb came from. she says there is video out there of her older son tamerlan being taken by police alive, naked and handcuffed the night he died. finally she says that the lawyers for dzhokar, say he is not able to speak, move or write. any information about a question something not true at all. both she and her husband are talking about coming to the united states the husband definitely says he is coming in the next day or so. she is not so sure. not because of that outstanding shoplifting charge againster had. she simply claims she will not be able to see her son in the hospital and afraid people talking about her being some sort of a terrorist, bill. bill: we have a timeline of 2012 apparently when tamerlan made a trip to russia for at least a period of six months. what do they say he did there th
expect are the first charges. we'll see many more against mr. tsarnaev. in the criminal complaint, investigators built a minute by minute account of the tsarnaev brothers as they moved the crowds at the marathon. at one point dzhokhar had his phone to his ear. maybe a ruse. seconds later, the first bomb. only then does he begin to walk away from the bag he's left amid the crowd. ten seconds later, the second bomb is detonated. we are also learning about his older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. in 2009, he was arrested for domestic assault after his girlfriend said he beat her up. last year, he openly argued with a preacher at a mosque he sometimes attended, telling him that holiday celebrations were not allowed by islam. again, last january, he disrupted a sermon about martin luther king, calling the civil rights leader a nonbeliever. the revelations and charges just as this city is struggling to recover a moment of silence marking one week since the attack from the oval office and around the country. a solemn tribute. >> -- in boston, almost every spot in this city is silent and sti
of the iceberg. toward that end, today and yesterday, we saw searches in new jersey, relatives of mr. tsarnaev, looking for computer evidence, presumably with the aim of trying to figure out exactly what websites this individual was visiting, were they chechen separatist websites, were they jihadi websites? what exactly the material was he viewing and more importantly -- >> evan, i want to interrupt you there i do want to ask you, why is the suspects -- that chech.ethnicity or the chechen component to all of this, why is that so significant? >> well, look, i know when people think about al qaeda, they think about saudi arabia, they think about iraq or they think about syria. but the reality, is there are extremist movements sympathetic to al qaeda across the muslim world. i would emphasize the majority of chechens want nothing to do with al qaeda or radical islam, there are indeed individuals in chechnya who follow this ideology this is something called the islamic emirate of the caucuses. this is an organization responsible for major terrorist attacks inside of russia, including attacks on tr
against mr. tsarnaev and his better was killed. to finish that thought, hina what is the main mission of that moment? that that ter evidence may not be able to be a later nst him in court? there are times reporting they may not need it with other evidence. does that change your perspective? guest: no, because my perspective is based on the the right and why it exists. nd that there not be made exceptions this go beyond what is permissible. wrong and use it is may jeopardize prosecutions going forward. i'm not going to speculate more what happened here and what didn't happen here, whether it was proper or improper. there is more information to ome out and now that the case is in the hands of the federal efenders representing the defendant it is now up to them to determine how to proceed. from a republican baltimore. go ahead, jay. host: i'm a soldier and some of on the program today deeply disturbs me. think the discussion about miranda is sue purpo superfluou. some say it deter arrives from the fifth amendment and not from he warning and given the previous of it i don't think there's
prisoners, but most importantly it does have a hospital. we understand that mr. tsarnaev was in fair condition here at beth israel within the last 24 hours. doctors are concerned about moving him. but there was also a great push get him out of beth israel because there were so many others being cared for in the bombing that he took part in, or at least allegedly took part in. so, it's been done. he has moved there and now we have to wait and see what his condition is at this new facility. >> very much outside of boston. somewhat secluded area. as you said in this former military base, completely separate from the victims here. >> and they were certainly looking for anything. even considering other community hospitals, something that might not be a prison facility. this one run by the bureau of prisons. so it really worked out perfectly for the authorities who were concerned about where do we move him to that is going to be safe enough, secure enough, that he can get the care that he needs so that we can keep him in a good state through trial. >> do you have more on the investigation
: the previous summer he had been arrested for domestic violence. according to the police report mr. tsarnaev told the officers he had slapped her face because she had been yelling at him about another girl. and charges were eventually dismissed. >> he dressed like a pimp. >> stephanie: yes. yes. >> that's pimp-tacular. >> stephanie: his uncle said he hit her lightly. >> a love tap. >> stephanie: as professional boxers too. >> like a speed bag. >> stephanie: yes. yes. dzhokher once damaged his 1999 green honda civic for texting while driving. i hope they add that on. >> me too. >> stephanie: very dangerous, and this is the last level of douche nozzlery. at a neighborhood pizzaria -- he dressed like liberace. >> i wish my bother dzhokher was here. [ laughter ] >> i have a chinchilla under my shorts. i never chafe. >> that's the main thing he was worried about was chafing. >> stephanie: that is the thing that is going to make me start giggling at 3:30. state again. >> i never chafe. i have a chinchilla under my shorts. >> stephanie: he explained the koran is great and flawless,
's a massive manhunt for that surviving terrorist. 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev is dead and his 19-year-old brother dzhokhar tsarnaev is on the run. they're from chetchnya. and i've he got a lot more details for you. scott brown joins us from boston. mr. senator, you got into the studio this morning. could you get out of your hotel and walk around the streets of boston okay? >> i came in from the foxboro area about 20 miles in and throughout the whole time in i saw eight or nine convoys of police officers coming down the various highways. i got into boston and it's a ghosttown, a lot of the restaurants and stores, obviously, are closed down. i quite frankly have never seen anything like this. but i want to personally thank all of our law enforcement personnel for doing yeoman's work. and after the pictures were flashed, obviously they were in the area and things started heating up, really, really intensely and right now they seem to have focused on watertown about ten to 12 miles outside of boston and everybody seems to be doing their jobs on high, high alert and obviously the best thin
at the same time. >> and the younger brother at large, dzhokar tsarnaev, mr. mayor, what's your sense in terms of those working with him? we have been talking about the possibility of accomplices. what do you think? could this have been undertaken just these two individuals, or would your gut say there are others involved? >> i doubt it's just the two of them. i don't expect it's a big organization. i don't expect that this is, you know, some kind of gigantic organization we're dealing with, but i do think it's more than two people. it seems to me they had an awful lot available to them when they were captured. he's involved in something now where it seems to me he's probably getting some kind of help. i think you would have to go on the premise that there's a small organization supporting them. and it would be better to go on that premise than to assume that there isn't. >> if that's right, there has to be then a series of parallel investigations that are going on. obviously, there's a lot of people being brought to bear. you've now dealt with a number of terrorist investigations. how many pa
the administration to labe mr. tsarnaev as a combatsos authan waive his legal rights while they continue to question him. >>> and a quick programming note, live over on c-span3 this afternoon, we'll bring you a discussion looking at ways to make medicare more efficient and less costly. it's hosted by the brookings institution and bins at 2:30 eastern -- begins at 2:30 eastern. in a few minutes, the senate gavels in for the week. after general speeches, at 5:30 eastern senators are vote on whether to hear a bill that allows retailers to avoid taxes on purchases by the state's residents. the bill would exempt businesses with less than $1 million in sales. the senate may also take up the judicial nomination of jane kelly to be a federal judge for the east circuit court of appeals as well as the nomination of sylvia burrwell, president obama's pick to head the offices of management and budge. for more on the online sales tax bill, we spoke with a capitol hill reporter. >> guest: they're going to be focusing on an issue that i think really hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention, but it's going to effect
and whether it would be needed given video and other evidence against mr. tsarnaev and his better tamerlan who was killed. to finish that thought, hina shamsi, what is the main mission of that moment? does it matter that that evidence may not be able to be used against him in a later court? there are times reporting they may not need it with other evidence. does that change your perspective? guest: no, because my perspective is based on the importance of the right and why it exists. and that there not be made exceptions this go beyond what is permissible. first, because it is wrong and may jeopardize prosecutions going forward. i'm not going to speculate more about what happened here and what didn't happen here, whether it was proper or improper. there is more information to come out and now that the case is in the hands of the federal defenders representing the defendant it is now up to them to determine how to proceed. host: a republican from baltimore. go ahead, jay. host: i'm a soldier and some of what i heard on the program today deeply disturbs me. i think the discussion about miranda is
office moments after tsarnaev was captured. in his weekly address this morning, mr. obama said boston's spirit remains undaunted and americans have proven they refuse to be terrorized. >> through the days that would test even the sturdiest of souls, boston's spirit remains undaunted. america's spirit remains undimmed. our faith in each other, our love for this country, our common creed that cuts across whatever superficial differences we may have, that's what makes us strong. that's why we endure. >> the events in boston are having ripple effects with regard to security right here in the bay area. just ask anybody who went to the san francisco giants game last night. the team decided to step up security by scanning every single fan coming into the ballpark with a metal detecting wand. but the process was taking so long, more than hatch tlf the c was still waiting. screeners stopped using the wands so fans could just get inside. >> they should plan for these things. they should have staff who actually get us into the game. you pay a lot of money to get us into these games. >> it's a go
. that is part of the job about being the leader of the country. mr. chairman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >>> dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved from a boston hospital and is in a federal prison in central massachusetts. tonight, the carjacking victim who tipped off police to the tsarnaev brothers is telling his terrifying story. he spoke to "the boston globe." eric, thanks for coming on. >> you're welcome. >> greta: tell the viewers what happened, what did this man tell you? >> sure. it starts with him pulling over to send a text message, which tells you a little something about our guy, danny, his american name. he has a chinese name that he asked us not to share. he's very private, but a very decent, quiet game. 26, turned entrepreneur who came here for school. the older brother comes up to his window, raps on the window. danny lowers the window to hear him and the older brother reaches in the window, pulls open the door and flashes a gun at him and he says, you know, first he says give me your money. then he says have you been following the boston marathon bombings? i did that and kill
that the russians tagged tamerlan tsarnaev and brought them to the attention of the fbi, but mr. obama says they didn't ignore the warning. >> it's not as if the fbi did nothing. they not only investigated the older brother, they interviewed the older brother, and they concluded that were no signs he was engaging in extremist activity. so that much we know. and the question then is, was there something that happened that triggered radicalization? >> secretary of state kerry is headed to russia next week. one item on the alleged is cooperation win the two countries' intelligence agencies. the president says there's lingering distrust going back to the cold war but it is improving. >> shepard: a question in the news conference on the outpost in libya. >> president asked why survivors have not been allowed to talk to member of congress. he said he wasn't aware anyone had been prerent from testifying about the attack and promised to along into it. a california congressman darryl isis pushing hearing. mr. obama says his focus is on the future. >> what i've been clear about from the start is that
's still reviewing his options. sal castanedo. >>> also today, mr. obama said rejected -- rejected criticism that the fbi did not do enough when the russian government asked it to investigate suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. the fbi said it did interview tamerlan tsarnaev at the time but found no evidence he was involved in radical activity. in the meantime, agents are reportedly analyze ig the dna of tamerlan tsarnaev's widow. this after female dna was found on at least one of the pressure cooker bombs that blew up at the boston marathon two weeks ago. >>> leave your backpacks and large bags at home. the security changes are in response to the boston marathon bombings where bombs were hidden in backpacks. and security staff will be turning away anyone not formally registered for the race on may > 19special deliver for a bay area food bank and rosemary is back in a few minutes. rosemary is back to give you more information about the fire danger and when we'll see a cooldown. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h 0!ockÑ?çóxo?Ñ=çñÑñçvxqx?ñññ?óioy >>> this warriors' playoff push has been m
. there are increasing questions about how the fbi handled its investigation of tamerlan tsarnaev. they did not follow up after that trip to russia last year. the very latest on the investigation from our crime and justice correspondent, mr. joe johns. joe joins us from washington. joe, no charges today for sure. does it have anything to do with the fact that they haven't been able to talk to him. >> that's an interesting question. you are right. it could be soon for the charges. it may be important to say that the authorities are reporting that they are not able to interview the suspect. he is in serious condition at the hospital but important also to say, don, that not is being able to interview a defendant hasn't stopped the feds from filing charges before. it could still happen. that's a pretty common practice, because sometimes defendants have lawyers who intercede and say investigators can't talk to this defendant. it is not that different a situation necessarily, don. >> we have heard about a number of different charges that could happen including federal charges, murder charges. what are some of
to them. >> greta: he is the leader. that is part of the job about being leader of the country. mr. chairman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: dhokhar tsarnaev is now in a federal prison hospital. tonight the carjacking victim is telling his terrifying story. he spoke to eric moscowitz. eric joins us. nice to talk to you. >> like wise. thanks for having me. >> greta: the story is absolutely gripping. what happened? what did this man tell you? >> starts with him pulling over to send a text message which tells you about danny, that is his american name. he has a chinese name that he asked us not to share. private but a decent quiet guy. 26. engineer are turned enter are proneuentrepreneur who came heo school. the older brother comes up to window and raps on the window. he doesn't make out what he is saying soloers the window and he reaches in the window and flashes a silver handgun at him. first he says give me your money and then says have you been following the boston marathon bombings did i that and i killed a police officer in cambridge tonight and i'm serious don't be
congressman mike rodgers chairs the house intelligence committee he's a former fbi man and he joins me now. mr. chairman, we're hearing from questioning before he was mirandaized, significantly, that dzhokhar tsarnaev did tell the fbi that they did have a plan. first he said they were going to new york to party after the explosions. but he did then acknowledge that they were planning to use whatever was left of their explosives in times square. what degree of credibility do you give to this hospital bed confession, if you will? >> i'm not sure. i have not heard that specifically. i did hear that in the aftermath, that there were at least interest in doing more events. i'm not clear it was new york. it may have actually been in the boston area. but because of the videos released, that ramped up the pressure on them. they went on a crime spree. it was my understanding, and again this is, these things are fluid, and there's lots of facts flying around. but trying to repeat basically what i've heard from the intelligence community, is that in fact, they were going to escape to new york. that was p
of the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, who was killed in that firefight. mr. kiernan, can you hear us? >> yes, i can. >> tell us about his brother, have you been hearing the reports that these people were courteous, young men? >> what i thought about this young man, i would have said that he was a fine, young man, very good athlete, very courteous, quiet, and, just a nice guy. i'm shocked beyond belief that he was involved in this. >> how recently did you talk to him and did talk to you about his family, he was married with a 3-year-old daughter? >> i haven't had any contact with him since 2010, to at that time, he was telling me that he was going to beó[ getting marr and that he was considering if. >> any hints of it. the fact that people have been talking about traveling, et cetera, all of the friends are saying, didn't leave school, didn't go anywhere, yes, people can get radicalized on the internet the notion a month ago, he's talking about going to a friends' house to watch the super bowl, the sort of thing that he's thinking about, he wanted to come over and the sort of mundane activi
in the neighborhood had ever seen dzhokhar tsarnaev before or his brother? >> reporte gentle ju, mr. ruff, saidug h the two brothers walkingen 0 the street a few days ago but couldn't be certain. that information is foggy but every other person in the neighborhood say the two young men looked unfamiliar. this is a working class neighborhood. a very diverse community. folks were out early. there's some university students, the? we just talked to works in the local hospital. but no one we've talked said they knew them permanently or had any direct contact with hem. >> okay, byron, thanks very much. amy, a few moments ago you just switched to someone you did. >> a classmate who went to high school with dzhokhar tsarnaev, cambridge rindge and latin school, a prestigious school in the boston area and described him in a very chilling way as a normal american classmate. let's take a listen to what she had to say. >> well, i went to high school with him and he was always a very, you know, nice, kind of funny guy so this is incredibly shocking and absolutely horrifying. you know, he was quiet, kind of shy.
. >> reporter: today the focus is back in boston where vice president and mrs. biden attend a memorial for sean collier, the 26-year-old m.i.t. officer slain during that city's week of terror. also verts want to talk to tamer lan tsarnaev's wife reportedly with her family in rhode island. so far they've spoken to her attorney. laura? >> do the suspect's claims that they acted alone seem to be checking out so far? >> at least so far. they have a lot of leads to check out. in terms of cell phones, computer records and who they may have talked to in the days and weeks and months preceding the bombing, it looks as if they acted alone and not under the as you mi-- auspices of some terro group abroad. >>> a fund to help the victims of the boston marathon bombings has generated, listen to these numbers, $20 million. all over the world people have contributed to what they're calling one fund boston. donations can be made through the website one fund >>> 6:33. new details on reported patient dumping by a nevada psychiatric hospital. sacramento bee is reporting that five of the more than 1500
-seltzer on facebook. >>> thank you. a government source claims dzhokhar tsarnaev says his brother was the mastermind and they learned from watching videos on-line. join meg is deputy director of russia and eurasia program of the endowment of international peace. welcome to you, mr. ijaski. let's get into the background of these two brothers. we know they are ethic chechens. we don't believe they ever lived in chechnya, is that right? >> that's right. they may have spent some time in chechnya, but one, they are part of a era with stallin during world war ii, made an anti-soviet dissocial area, sent them to eurasia where the two brothers grew up. they were are too young to fight in the first chechen war and the second chechen war in 2000. so at best an indirect exposure, hearsay, family memories, things like that. >> we know that tamerlan tsarnaev spent about six months in russia mainly in dagestan where his father is. we know extremists are involved in quite violent attacks against police and civilian targets. what can we read into what he may have experienced in dagestan? >> yeah, this is absolutely
in from eric holier. we are going to talk with our panel, jay and julian in moments, about mr. holder's comment over the weekend that it was this magistrate judge who effectively decided when this guy, tsarnaev, was going to be mirandized and seemed to put the blame on her for the f.b.i. interrogation getting cut short. this is just coming in about a presser that he held telling americans they better not retaliate against anyone in the wake of the boston bombings. and talked about incidents involving threats and acts of vandalism targeting muslims after 9-11. now apparently feels the need to warn americans that they better not step outside the lines in the wake of boston. is this appropriate? is this what we need to be hearing from our attorney general? this is what he should be focused on right now? we'll have a fair and balanced debate on that next. also we'll have this for you. in life he faces his own legal problems. in death, he's at the center of yet another dramatic trial, one with his fortune at stake. the brand-new developments in the michael jackson wrongful death lawsuit [
and questions about whether someone may have dropped the ball of keeping track of tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother. the homeland security committee is going to hold hearings to try to get answers. michael mccaul is the chairman of that committee and my guest now. mr. chairman, thanks so much for being back on the program. >> thanks, megyn. >> megyn: conflicting reports yesterday the senate intel committee held a hearing close-doored with fbi representatives. at least one senator was quote upon emerging from that hearing saying that russia had alerted the u.s. about tamerlan tsarnaev, in quote. multiple contacts. including at least one since october 11th. multiple contacts, not one, not two but multiple and today the fbi is pushing back on that suggesting at least the fbi, they say, was only contacted once by the russians. how do you square it? >> well, there are a lot of unanswered questions here, obviously. the fbi has informed me that only one communication took place afterwards they opened up a lead on the individual. now, it's possible that the cia could have gotten multiple intelligen
" maybe "danger." >> the rapper mystical? go! >> mr. ridgewood. mr. 201, mr. bergen county. >> now we move from mr. 201, ms. 411, what's our news? >> okay let's get to it in the news this morning, boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has moved overnight from the boston hospital where he had been held since his arrest to a prison hospital at ft. devens, massachusetts. he is facing federal terrorism charges. on thursday, new york city officials confirmed that dzhokhar and his older brother tamerlan made a last-minute plan to drive to new york and set off another pressure cooker bomb and smaller bombs in times square but they were thwarted last friday when tamerlan was killed and dzhokhar was wounded. >> a breaking story we're following right now. country music legend george jones died today in a nashville hospital. jones recorded more than 150 albums and had number one songs in five different decades from the 1950s to the 1990s. his hits included white lightning, she thinks i still care and he stopped loving her today. often considered to be one of the greatest country music sin
that the fsb gave to the fbi, and to the cia about the tsarnaevs. he said the russian special services, to my great regret, were not able to provide our american colleagues with information that would have operative significance. interesting comment by mr. putin. you know, wolf, one of the complicating factors here is that the west for years has accused russia of carrying out that war against the chechen terrorists with a lot of brutality, and violating human rights. so although right now the fbi and the fsb cooperate on many levels about a lot of different things, some officials here say that might have colored a bit how they approached that information that did come from the fsb. >> that's a good point indeed. jill, thanks very much. >>> still ahead, a bombing survivor talks about her frantic escape from the scene and the horrors she faced when she arrived at the hospital. >>> what if the bombing suspects had been able to get to times square in new york. we'll ask new york city polic about the cameras they've set up across the city. and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with
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